Our line of Professional Pilates Equipments has been designed to last and give the best and safest experience. [...]

Small Equipment

Are smaller in size but not in the benefits they give. They have the same features, materials, attention a [...]


Here we introduce a range of accessories designed and manufactured to complem [...]

Outdoor Equipment

The Out Door Line offers the best possible guarantee in terms of resistance against humidity and sunlight. The OD series can be used in less favorable conditione.g. in open air situations and even if humidity [...]


The hemicylinders are padded pillows of different sizes that help spine mobilization. Set at different positions, in particular under the cervical or lumbar regions, they can be used to make ex [...]


Springs are very importa [...]

Handles and Loops

The handles and loops produced by [...]

Balls and rubber articles

Pilatech chose the MAX SAFE line by [...]

Spare Parts

In our workshop we are equipped with all spare parts of the equipments producted over these years, since the first model buit.Our support p [...]


The Upholstery is fixed on special plywood panels, it is easy to assemble with [...]


Pilatech arrange a converting service for the sliding system of the Reformer :From  the of older systems of the past models to the new ESS " Easy Slide System" easy , quiet and safe.The only one in the world tested an [...]

Promotional Items

Planner, brochures, stickers ... for your communication [...]