Pilates, how it works

The method invented by J.H. Pilates is a fusion point between the guiding principles of oriental disciplines (harmony and slowness in the execution of movements) and the modern scientific developments in the Western world in bodily rehabilitation and physical fitness, postural and proprioceptive exercises.

It is an holistic gymnastics whose purpose is to make work mind together with body, developing different exercises, it teaches to move in harmony and balance, with the result of optimizing the energy expenditure.
Pilates method allows a real neuro- muscular reprogramming thanks to a proprioceptive approach.

In other words, Pilates method helps the body to " feel itself" in space and movement , generating a new balance between muscle regions (muscles that work between them in a synergistic or antagonist way), in order to obtain, both in static and in dynamic, a movement more harmonic, fluid  and with the least expenditure of energy.

This "magic" is gradually acquires within a few tens of sessions, the sensation perceived is  a feeling of well-being, not only  a relief from muscular tension pain, but also a mental pleasure and relax.
Pilates elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility.
This kind of workout give inevitably a positive sensation to the mind.

The body learns a new way to pose, to move in the space avoiding any abnormal muscle hypertonicity and overloading the joints.
Thanks to Pilates method everybody can learn how to get  the control of the body.
All those factors as muscular imbalance that are subsequently responsible for pain and muscle tension will disappear.
With Pilates' exercises the muscle work is done for kinetic chains and muscle regions: in this way, the whole body is involved with the prevalence of deep muscles, posture and spine .

The Pilates method is applied today in several fields, including physiotherapy rehabilitation to fitness, and more recently, the world 's most advanced sports has added to its principles in athletic training programs .

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