Selected materials and technical details

Main structure: solid beech wood. Beech wood is one of the most resistant Italian noble wood. It is grown in intensive cultivation and its use in our industry does not deprive Italian natural resources. Other wood types are available on demand.

Nickel and Chromium Free: Pilatech has chosen to remove all components containing nickel and chromium that have a hand contact to avoid any allergic problems.

Metallic structure: the main metallic structure is made in stainless steel or Aluminium, then satin-finished to improve aesthetics and shine. Welding procedures are carried out according to the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) method, an advanced technology that guarantees high mechanical resistance standards.

Special metallic structure: pins, joints, wheels, accessories and other components have been developed and created to guarantee the highest mechanical resistance to different stress.

Polyurethane, Plastic and Rubber spare parts: all these components are produced with certified materials that do not contain toxic, allergenic or irritating substances. Polilatex, our padding material, is the most innovative synthetic polyurethane. It is hypoallergenic, transpiring, non-deformable and ecofriendly. Its environmentally friendly water-based and CFC-free composition enables air circulation, optimum humidity and temperature level and a good ergonomic support.

Upholstery: both synthetic leather and upholstery have been chosen and created to be highly comfortable during the exercises. They are produced according to industry standards and are highly resistant and durable. Upholstery is available in different colors.

Painting: like all Pilatech production, painting is carried out with water-based products, according to the highest quality standards: fast colors, pleasant to the touch and long lasting. Tests were carried out to check resistance to wear and to guarantee an high anti-scratch level.