PIlatech: the Company

Pilatech is a leader in the field of Pilates equipment since 1997.

In these years we have developed an advanced level both in design and technology of our products, fully satisfying our most exigent clients:
a large amount of them are Pilates Professionals and Physiotherapists who work in Rehabilitation or in Athletic Training.

Our attention to quality is a full strategic choice for all the components of our business:

  • reliable and competent personnel;
  • choise of most of selected materials;
  • ad hoc R&D department including medical specialised staff;
  • constant introduction of innovative technical solutions;
  • high level of our thechnical assistance both in pre-selling and post-selling phases.

Still today, Pilatech is the only brand worldwide that can offer professional Pilates equipment which has been certified with a quality and security classification, the TUV-GS issued by TUV Rheinland Group.

We can affirm that our products positioning is presently at the top of international level.

We can provide all range of Pilates equipment and our production is 100% MADE IN ITALY.

You can find our catalogue and technical sheets on our web site: www.pilatech.com where you can deepen information about us and our products.