The vast majority of Pilatech production is TUV-GS Certified by TUV-Rheinland.
Pilatech, the only Company in the world in the field of equipment for the Pilates method, has chosen to certify all production and to subject its equipment to the test of TÜV Rheinland Italy, Italian subsidiary of the TÜV Rheinland Group, a global leader in the field of assessment and verification products and management systems.

The process of production of certified equipment is complex but fascinating.

ultime novità testo

Ordinary Assistance
Assistance and replacement parts services are available at +31 031 766599 or using the form on the site www.pilatech.com

Assistance Request Form
For demands of the technician’s presence we are available to validate those cases individually.
Pilatech provides customer assistance to care and keep the equipments in the best condition of use.
The ordinary assistance is planned and arranged in advance, the regular maintenance of equipments will be organized accordingly to the availability of costumers and Pilatech Ltd.

Pilatech is available for this service with the following modalities:
1 ) Sending via courier the spare parts with the relative manual for replacement.

2 ) Assistance in Pilatech workshop. Pilatech arrange personal appointments in the repair shop consequently of the kind of service necessary.
With this kind of assistance we can also provide structural interventions on the equipments.
The costumer will carry the equipment to repair or audit in Pilatech workshop. The same costumer will withdrawn the equipment when work will be done.
For ordinary assistance redelivery will be approximately within the same day .
Will be charged only the costs of replacement parts and labor .
3 ) Assistance at Customer's headquarters. Pilatech organize assistance at customer's headquarters in agreed timetable, accordingly the needs of both customer and Pilatech .
The Technician must have free access to equipments to repair not disturbing the users of the Centre.
The type of assistance can be only the ordinary, consistent with the portable equipment available to the technician .
Will be charged a flat-rate reimbursement of expenses incurred for labor, transport, and also spare parts.

Extraordinary Service
Extraordinary assistance is offered if necessary and possible by immediately replacing the faulty or damaged part. If not feasible we suggest the temporary replacement of the equipment with a similar one until the damage is fully repaired.
Any cost for transfer and transport for replacement of the tool will be added to the cost for repair.
The “courtesy equipment” that is left during the time needed to complete full repair is offered without further cost by Pilatech Srl.

The assistance is free of charge, under warranty ONLY for structural damage or inconvenience related to factory defects.

The offered assistance is NOT FREE of cost when it is necessary for maintenance or due to normal wear and tear , especially , to neglect , misuse , not observation of the rules listed in the " Product Information " relative the equipments or after interventions by persons outside Pilatech company.

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Equipment and Accessories

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The widest range of equipment dedicated to Pilates
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