Why Pilatech?

It 's very easy: if you are looking for equipment that never have problems, then choose Pilatech .
Our equipments are solid, functional, safe and well designed.
They are projected with the best materials and with all the solutions that will enable, to work peacefully

In short :

  • Because Pilatech is a company that has 20 years of history in Pilates and has made a significant contribution to its growth in Italy , since the '90s, when no one knew it.
  • Because Pilatech collaborates with the best Schools and Teachers in the world to build tools that are increasingly efficient and in line with the needs of the costumers.
  • Because gear Pilatech are subject to a continuous progress in improving quality and safety.
  • Because Pilatech equipment are the only ones guaranteed for life.
  • Because Pilatech tools are the only ones in the world to be certified in quality and safety with an international brand.
  • Because Pilatech assembles and tests the tools one by one before shipment so that the customer never have any problems.
  • Because Pilatech has an impeccable Customer Service whose goal is customer satisfaction, regardless of whether it is the demanding professional or private evolved.
  • Pilatech likes to have a personal relationship with all customers.
    The website give general information but please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • We are always available for advises or to help and need assistance.
  • Consulting and professionalism.