Can You practice Pilates on your own, with the help of a DVD?

In Pilates all starts from an individual lesson and a postural assessment that can be performed only by a third person watching us.
We believe that the exercises of the Pilates method can be carried out properly only under the guidance of a qualified teacher, a fundamental element of this technique.
hen it is better to do the first few lessons with a teacher and only later repeat the learned exercises at home.

Audiovisual (DVD, YouTube, etc.) may be useful as deepening for those who already have a basic preparation, enough to understand and interpret correctly in all its components, the exercise shown.

Mat Work. What is it?

The Mat Work is the free body work in Pilates, so named because the exercises are performed on a mat.
Developed in progressive c
omplexity exercises , however, it involves all the muscles of the body.
It can be carried out free body or with the aid of small tools and accessories (rubber balls, Magic Circle, etc.).

The Mat Work is a component of the "method" Pilates which is a structured technique that also includes the free body work, and is not to be confused with the work of an undifferentiated group.

Does it matter who teaches it?

Posture is the result of our equilibrium, physical but also psychological.
Allow a person who knows little or badly the anatomy, physiology, principles of posture and, most importantly, techniques on how to change it, we think it seems really risky.

Pilates method is one of the most complete and reliable technical posture.
It is complex and its learning process can not be reduced to a short period, even with the already present professional bases.
To get the benefits that Pilates method can offer, and not incurring unnecessary risks, its management must be left in the hands of a certificated professional trainer.
The certification, in our opinion, must come from a serious School that offers a complete program.
Even better if the trainer has been officially recognized by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).

What are the rules to perform it?

Our posture is unique and specific:
from this we can deduce that to get the best results that Pilates has to offer, you must start from an individual lesson that allows a postural assessment.
From this assessment will result a Custom Program to meet the special needs of the customer.

The optimal running is to 1 to 1: that is, a trainer for a customer.
For customers already familiar with the method, a good teacher can simultaneously follow more people, but, in our opinion, no more than 4 or 5.
The Pilates method can also be offered in group-classes: the purpose, however, in this case are different.
Clients in the group can have fun, introducing them at the same time to the principles of Pilates.

But you can not enforce the purely postural exercises in non-targeted manner: such exercises could be potentially harmful to some people, unsuitable, or worse, contraindicated.

What are the application fields?

The field of fitness is the most classic.
The use in orthopedic rehabilitation, but increasingly also neurological, is an established practice in the world.
In recent years it has attracted the attention of the medical world and physiotherapy obtaining significant results, even compared with other commonly used methods.
The currently most promising new frontiers are those of athletic training.

Who can practice Pilates?

An elastic body, toned and aligned in the correct position, it is more healthy and even more beautiful.
One of the reasons that makes excel Pilates Method, between postural disciplines, is the wide variety of exercises that can be performed free body "Mat Work" or with specific equipments.
The Teacher can choose the most suitable equipment to perform with, can modify each exercise and this allows him to customize, on the details, the best protocol "fitted" to the individual.

In addition, the intensity can be graduated according to the different needs: it can be sweet but also very intense.

This makes the Pilates method applicable to anyone.

What are the principles of Pilates?

The Pilates method has in itself the principles of stretching, muscle toning, mental concentration and physical balance.
We can understand it as a link between the ancient principles that we find in the eastern disciplines (balance, center of gravity, concentration, breath control and movements) and modern principles of muscle training (stretching, posture, work on kinetic chains).

Pilates Method. What is it?

The Pilates method has been described in various ways, mainly by describing the beneficial effects it generates in the body and mind of those who practice it.
It falls among the holistic disciplines because its effects involve us in a whole mind and body.

In technical terms it is a gymnastics that, starting from a proprioceptive feedback, it allows you to "re-program" the posture or balance the neuro-musculo-fascial in our body.

The muscle work is done for kinetic chains and muscle regions.
In this way, in the various exercises, it always involves the whole body with prevalence of the deep muscles, postural, of the spine.
We thus learn to move in space in a more elastic, flexible and harmonious way, with a consequent improvement of the physical and emotional well-being, saving energy.
They are not to be underestimated the aesthetic values of a body toned, elastic and flexible.

How quickly does it work?
The "magic" induced by the Pilates method you buy gradually, in a matter of ten sessions and is perceived with a feeling of well-being, relief from painful muscle tension associated with a mental relaxing pleasure.
Obviously the best results are obtained, and remain, with a constant application of the method.
Pilatech is a guarantee.
I chose the Pilatech tools for my studio because they are quality and have the highest safety standards.
It 'a serious company.
For me is the best there is on the market.
We are very happy with Pilatech tools and above all we are happy with the relationship established with you Roberto and your co-workers. Helpfulness and friendliness are personality traits that suit you.
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